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Around the globe in large, century-business
Zhongda Group was established in 1994, is based on automobile manufacturing, automotive equipment for the core industries of the large-scale private joint-stock enterprise group. More than 6,900 employees, worldwide, with 31 holding, joint ventures, more than 350 sales branches and service organizations ... ...

Stepped into the new era, new challenges
The pace of history is always moving forward. CUHK Group's development and achievements of today's effective in many people's efforts and support. However, with the internationalization of world-class companies than we have there are still some gaps... ...

Large-scale industrial coating Jiangsu Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. is a professional design and manufacture a full set of painting processes, equipment, product research and development, promotion and application of new product trial production and testing; technical achievements transfer......
CUHK spirit: rigorous, perseverance, pragmatism, innovation and dedication.
CUHK purpose: to set up industry, creating wealth for the benefit of society,
CUHK management objectives: All things to do, everything was tubes, each piece is
Is ultimately responsible person; always stress honesty,Constant focus on efficiency.

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