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Manufacturing Equipm
No. Name Specifications Model Notes
1 Press
  CNC punch press C*1000/30 Import Italy


Press J23-1613 Xuzhou Forging Machinery Plant
  Open type tilting press JC23-63 Xuzhou Machine Tool Plant
2 Bender
  CNC Bending Machine PR6100*4100SM Yangzhou Baylor Corporation
  Bender WC67Y-63/2500 Wuxi Metallurgy Machinery Factory
  Bender W67Y-160-4000 Tianshui Forging Machine Factory
  Bender W67Y-200/5000 Tianshui Forging Machine Factory
  Bender WH67Y-125/3200 Jiangsu Hai
  Bender WB67Y Jiangdu Machine Tool Plant
3 Shears    
  CNC Cutting Machine PHOENIX Kunshan
  Shears Q12Y-6*4000

Tianshui Forging Machine Factory

  Shears QC12Y*4000 Tianshui Forging Machine Factory
  Shears QC12Y-6*2500 Wuxi Metallurgy Machinery Factory
  Shears Q11-3*1300 MSC Heavy Machinery
  Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear QH12Y-12/2500 MSC Heavy Machinery
  Shears QCCHY Jiangdu Machine Tool Plant
  Angle of shearing machine QA28Y-4*200A Tianshui Forging Machine Factory
4 Drilling    
  Radial Drilling Machine ZN3050*16 The fourth machine tool plant in Nanjing
  Radial Drilling Machine ZN3040*12 The fourth machine tool plant in Nanjing
  Portable Universal Radial Drilling Machine ZY3725 Yancheng Machine Tool Plant
  Normal drilling 232K-1 Yancheng Machine Tool Plant
5 Planer    
  Shaper BS6063 Suzhou Xinhua Machine
  Shaper B665 Jiangsudongtai
6 Milling    
  Universal Milling Machines Lifting X6132A Qiqihar
  Universal Milling Machines Lifting B400W Beijing
  Face Milling 1TX32 Yancheng
  Gantry milling grinding machine B2212 Jinan
7 Sawing
  Semi-automatic park-style band sawing machine
GB4025 Shanghai
  Semi-automatic band sawing machine
H-250SA Lianyungang, Jiangsu
  Bow Saw G7025  
  Metal circular saw machine    
8 Lathe
CD6140,C6136,CW6136 Yancheng Machine Tool Plant
9 Welder
  Butt-welding machine
  Carbon dioxide welding machine
MZF4000 Germany
  Carbon dioxide welding machine
NBC500-1 Nantong
  AC Welder
BX1-300-2 Nantong
10 Hydraulic press
MDY-63 Jiangdu
11 Line hanging
5T Dafeng transport machinery plant
12 Forklift
13 Composite plate production line MSC-54 Australia

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