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Deputy Director of Jiangsu Science and Technology Department Cao Sumin surveyed Zonda new engery veh
     October 19, Deputy Director of Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Department Cao Sumin and his entourages visited Zonda Group, to give a special survey on Zonda Qingshan new engey vehicles project, accompanied by Deputy Mayor of Yancheng Zhu Chuangeng, Director of Yancheng Science and Technology Bureau Mr Zhang Hualong, Chairman of Zonda Group Xu Lianguo, President Xu Liankuan, Vice Chairman Zhang Yuqing and Vice President Ma Xian.

      During the survey, President Xu Liankuan gave a detailed introduction of the industrialization progress of Zonda pure electric bus project to Cao Sumin. Zonda pure electric passenger bus was developed in mid-2009 major responding to the nations "Save energy; reduce emission ". The characteristics of the bus are long continous driving, small energy consumption, long battery times, ect. They are the major technological breakthroughs in Chinese electric vehicle industry. Now the buses have already begun small batch production, and will have broad future market.

      After konwing the R & D and industrialization process of Zonda pure electric passenger bus, Cao Sumin discussed with the project team on the market, technology, capital and other key issues of pure electric passenger bus. He also got on the bus to experience the actual operating in urban areas, and gave full affirmation on the scientific and technological achievements of Zonda new engery bus have made.

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