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Zonda Group plans to expand the New Energy Vehicle Base in Beijing

      Recently, the Vice Mayor of Beijing City Gou Zhongwen held a special conference for Zonda New Energy Vehicle project in Beijing, together with President of Zonda Group Xu Liankuan, Chief Engineer Liu Hongbiao. President Xu Liankuan gave a comprehensive introduction about the achievement and the feasibility of industrialization of the new energy vehicle project. He said that for the automobile industry, the development of new energy would help to upgrad the global automotive technology and industry. It will be those who can first make technology breakthroughs in new energy vehicle and realize industrialization that can seize the development opportunities.

      Now the world major automotive companies are actively developing new energy vehicles. Against this background, Zonda Group followed the development trends, closely concerned the international automobile dynamics, and focused on promoting the technologies of new energy. Now, to speed up the process of the industrialization of Zonda new energy auto industry , Zonda Group planned to build Beijing Zonda Yanjing New Energy Vehicle manufacturing base manufacturing base based on the expansion of Beijing Zhongda Yanjing Automobile Co., Ltd. 

      Gou Zhongwen, Vice Mayor of Beijing City, said the development of new energy vehicles represented the development direction of the world auto industry, which was also in line with China national conditions. He believed there must be a good demonstration effect and Beijing Government would be in full support for Zonda new energy project.

      There were other departments participated including Beijing's Economic and Information Committee.

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