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Depending on technology innovation, Zonda Bus achieved 168% export growth

Depending on technology innovation, Zonda Bus achieved 168% export growth

      Recently, Zonda Bus Group reported a new of victory again that Zonda buses have exported into Africa, Middle East, East Asia and other regions and achieved 168% export growth, which fully displayed the capacity that national bus companies dealt with the financial crisis.  
      In 2009, the situation of China automotive exports is serious and the market slump of the international automobile market caused by financial crisis has not been improved. The overseas markets development of automobile companies is quiet difficult. Despite of the gradual decline in Chinese exports in next half a year, the overall situation has not been restored. Affected by this, in 2009 China passenger bus exports still declines. So how can Zonda Bus get new achievements in exporting in the face of adversity?

      Contiue to innovate and enrich Zonda Bus Model Series

      For a long time, Zonda Bus takes the responsibility of creating classical Chinese passenger bus, adheres to the brand philosophy of "innovation leads trend-setting, for love on the way", and comprehensively promotes the groups strategy process of " Expand scale, promote qulity, and set brand". Nowadays, with the increasingly competitive in overseas markets, Zonda Bus continuously improves the technological innovation capability, attaches great importance to the introduction, digestion and absorption of international cutting-edge bus technology, and transforms the technology into a new advantage through integration of re-innovation. In 2009, Zonda Bus successfully develops YCK6128HC luxury tourist bus, YCK6180HC city bus, YCK6140HD double-decker highway passenger bus, the Zonda pure electric passenger bus and other new products. They further enrich Zonda Bus high-end boutique series. The new design of the big luxury buses attract widespread attention at home and abroad and are quiet popular with the overseas customers.

      People foremost, make powerful Bus

      Talent is not only the source of the development of enterprises, but also is the important factors for Zonda Bus to promote the international competitiveness. "Ensure the lasting competitiveness with high-quality staff, high-performance organizations and high-grade culture", said by President of Zonda Bus Xu Liankua. Zonda Bus established the the human resources strategy with the guideline of "scientific outlook on development" and innovation. In the development process, Zonda took Zonda Tsinghua University - Zonda postdoctoral research station as carrier, by developing and implementing the human resources planning of combining short and long-term, attracted internationally renowned institutions, outstanding talents and the industries, home and abroad experts to joined in the development and research of Zonda new bus. And by increasing investment, increasing internal and external training and optimizing adwards system, Zonda Bus successfully created an effective international management team. In the background of the financial crisis, Zonda strategic advantage of people-oriented was more prominent. In the elite team's efforts, the innovation capability, technological level and management level of Zonda Bus have been qualitatively upgraded and provided a strong power for Zonda buses exported to overseas.

      Customer first, make professional character

      Since it was set up, Zonda Bus has been insisting on customer first, sincere, and timely provide clients with a variety of services. The five strategies of "Serve intimately, ride comfortably, drive safily, manufacture meticulously, price satisfactory " are the eternal promises of Zonda Bus. Only paying attention to customers interests and values, meeting customers needs in a professional ways and enhancing product value, can be truly in leading position in each market. In view of this, in 2009 when the economic situation remains grim, the basic reasons that Zonda Bus overseas sales grows are that Zonda Bus comprehensive upgrades production technology through technical innovation, service optimization, brand cultivation, builds maintenance covering most parts of domestic and international network, and improves after-sales service system in order to satisfy the customer needs and to further establish the professional image of Zonda Bus.
      Needless to say, the outbreak of the global financial crisis has once casted heavy shadow to the development of China passenger bus enterprises. However, with the persistent characters, Zonda people face with the difficulties, and make great achievements with the spirit of continuous innovation, people-oriented strategy, customer first aim. This time the performance of fighting perhaps is a good time for Zonda Bus to move into the passenger bus industry strong groups and build an international brand.

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