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Zonda buses set foot in Guatemala bus market in batch size
      Recently, the President of Guatemala Noth Passenger Transportation Conpany Mr. Manuel came to visit Zonda Group and take back Zonda A7 series Luxury Touring bus they bought for the first time. On August 20, this batch of buses were shipped to Guatema, which meant that Zonda bus had officially set foot in Guatemala bus market in batch size.

      According to a technician of Zonda Bus Group, Zonda A7 series Luxury Touring bus was a type of highly cost-effective bus which was developed with market research and market segment on targeted market and retained the advantages of Zonda bus. The design of A7 bus can adapt to the local harsh and complex environment, so that the bus can be used for a longer time. Besides, the optimal design of major assembly and the enhancement of climbing capacity make its performance even more remarkable.

      During the visiting, Mr. Manuel thanked Zonda Bus for the warm reception and said that the excellent facilities and equipments of Zonda bus fully showed the characteristics of Zonda bus and reflected that Zonda consider for the needs of diverse customers. He also hoped that their company and Zonda Group can establish a long-term strategic cooperative partnership.

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